For one of our clients in the banking sector, we are looking for a Product Owner capable of driving the development of Use Cases Data

Project background

To provide IT with decision-making tools for operational staff and management, based on a platform developed in-house to offer innovative solutions that are as close as possible to the needs.

Nature of the work

Collecting needs and identifying opportunities:

  • Gather user feedback and identify their real needs behind
  • Understand the business processes and functions of the teams to identify their pain points
  • Identify opportunities
  • Benchmark of new technologies available on the market and within the Bank

Proposal of product features:

  • Design and propose new features to meet identified needs and opportunities
  • Ensure the technical feasibility of these proposals
  • Technology watch.
  • Present and validate with sponsors and stakeholders these features

Product development:

  • Establish a roadmap for the implementation of new features/improvements
  • Design, or participate in the design & validation of the technical solution of these functionalities
  • Managing product development
  • Ensure the updating of developments
  • Maintain communication and collaboration spaces (Jira, Confluence, etc.)


  • Be the point of contact with customers
  • Communicate products to the IT production teams within the different entities
  • Build and organise regular check-ins with the user board to gather feedback on products being run or tested

Programme :

  • Participate in the reflection and development of the programme
  • Participate in the identification and analysis of new use cases
  • Analyse and identify new features

Profile required

  • Good knowledge of the Data Analyst and Data Scientist professions and experience in the development of industrial use cases based on Data
  • Experience in application development
  • Up to date with new technologies



Contact and details

Jonathan GROSJEAN, Founding Director -