DATA ENGINEER (+3 years)

For one of our clients in the sector bankwe are looking for a Experienced Data Engineer for contribute to the digital transformation of society


In order to contribute to the digital transformation of our client, the Information department supports the different entities of the group:

  • Helping to identify and plan different digital initiatives.
  • Facilitate and coordinate these projects with all operational stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with fintechs, start-ups and consultants on digital initiatives or innovative ideas.

Profile required

  • Expert Data Engineer who has already worked on projects with KAFKA, CASSANDRA, ORACLE


  • Design, implementation, production and maintenance of robust distributed services (some based on analysis and Machine Learning algorithms).
  • Participate in the creation and management of multiple Back-End and Front-End projects ranging from simple APIs to complex job systems
  • Development of Dashboards for End Users.
  • Contribute at each stage of production of these services to :
    • architecture,
    • development
    • deployment
    • Optimisation and continuous improvement (scalability, infrastructure, resiliencies, processing times).

Main tasks

  • Implement our ETL services and Python Jobs to collect and manage data flows for the sales teams.
  • Manage the infrastructure of our daily application flows.
  • Design, implementation and maintenance of Dashboards.
  • Ensuring the proper implementation and industrialisation of the designed algorithms.
  • Communicate results and propose data-driven projects or initiatives
  • Implementing the algorithms designed by our Data Science teams in production.
  • Communicate often with data scientists and production teams to bridge the technical gap between the two.


  • Training in Computer Science (Bac +5)
  • 2 years experience in python development / data projects minimum
  • Mastery of the Python language, in object-oriented programming
  • Basic knowledge of UNIX (shell, bash)
  • Expertise in database design and management (SQL, Microsoft SQL, MySQL)
  • Expertise in Dashboard design and implementation with Tableau Software.
  • Experience with an ETL such as Informatica.
  • Knowledge of Git for version control
  • Experience in REST API design and implementation
  • Experience with Cloud environments (Google Cloud, Salesforce, AWS...)
  • Basic knowledge of Machine Learning algorithms would be appreciated
  • Good communication and teamwork
  • Motivation to learn in a young and stimulating environment